spam salad

10 I am too busy.
9 I do not understand spam, too old fashioned. I thought spam was kind of ham.
8 My life is simple and I want to keep it that way, no need for that million dollar.
7 I don't want greedy spammers to take control of my life and malicious hackers to take control of my computer.
6 No matter what's in it, a spam is a spam is a spam is a spam is a spam is a spam is a spam.
5 I have my own spam to spread.
4 I am too conservative, I don't have thousands of dollars of debt.
3 I don't hold wild sex parties, so I am happy to keep my sex organs in their original sizes and shapes.
2 Actually I have no sex life at all, so no need for that viagra bottle either.
1 I installed a spam shredder and recently joined the hate the spam club.
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